The WooFDriver is always thinking outside of the box, as if you aren't already familiar with him you'll see a lot of that on here! Hence, the reason he is sometimes taken out to the woodshed as you'll also witness here through this comical website here making fun of the abuse, lol! BUT also keep in mind his ways are tried and true as he's been successfully pioneering these ways with multiple generations of Huskies for almost 30 years now! ”



It's time to have a little bit of FUN! You see the WooDriver has been running & loving Dogs for almost 30 years and ALWAYS his #1 PRIORITY & GOAL is his Dogs HAPIPINESS, HEATH, & WELL BEING and that's why he does what he does! Many that see WooFDriver online don't get the gist of what he is doing  as today people are so quick to judge without taking the the time to see and understand the whole story! So many are keyboard warriors and just want to TEE OFF on the WooFDriver for almost any reason they can think of! Here are some of the NASTIEST complaints and F*CK YOUs from the baddest of the WooFDriver Haters being recited from some of the funniest comedians. Have FUN and remember if you can't make FUN of yourself then please don't make FUN of someone else LOL!

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